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Dalmatian Breeder


About Me

Hi, my name is Jyl ever since I was a young child, I dreamed of owning a Dalmatian. I spent more than 15 years researching the breed.

Currently, I breed Dalmatians and care for them in-house. If you have any questions about the breed or are looking to buy or adopt. Please reach out to me via e-mail.

To learn more information for Dalmatians general health please click on the link below

New Litter 2021

Sweet Dalmatian puppies sleep on the couch. Parents look at them.jpg

Hello everyone, Maxie and Spot just had their new litter on Aug. 1st. As of right now, 3 of the puppies have already been reserved. We expect our litter to all be reserved by mid-September. In order to purchase a puppy from us, we prefer an in-person visit because we want to make sure all the puppies have a safe home. We don't do international shipping and don't take checks.

If this is your first time purchasing a dalmatian please click on the button below. For more information about reserving a puppy please email us.

Love My Clients


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

This is my 2nd Dalmation from Jyl and Chris. They really make sure you have all the info. They are super friendly and have tons of information when you decide to make your first purchase. 

"Great Service"

It's true when they say dogs are man's best friend. When I first purchased my first dog from Jyl I wasn't sure what to expect. Even after 3 years they still check-up. They really care for their puppies

"Kind & Loving"

“I really recommend Jyl and Chris they know their stuff! I got my first puppy from them back in 2017 and now spot and I are inseparable ”

Daria Cowan

Tom Rankin

Eva Kendall

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